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What are the stages of a house construction?

October 27, 2022

What are the stages of a house construction?

Starting a new project is fascinating for everyone, but the project of building a new house is both exciting and stressful. 

We want to give you an insight on the stages of a house construction, so you can get ready and know what to expect during the process of building your house:

Stage 1: Foundation 

Once the paperwork is completed and all the licenses and permits have been granted, the construction team will start the preparation of the land. Depending on the house design selected, this stage could include excavations, clearing and levelling the ground in case there are any pronounced slopes.

The foundation process is subject to a waiting period where the concrete or slab needs to settle and a first inspection occurs.

Stage 2: Framing 

Once the base is ready, the construction process will start looking busier and more exciting. At this point, the construction team will start working on the vertical skeleton that will make up your house, based on the design you chose.

This house construction stage also includes the preparation for insulation, as well as for the electrical and plumbing structures and connections.

Stage 3: Enclosure 

Once the walls have been installed, the doors and windows are fitted into their frames within the skeleton built in the framing stage and the internal structure of the house starts taking form with areas divided by walls and the installation of the basic electrical and plumbing elements.

Stage 4: Fixtures

Now that the house is a closed space, all the fixtures and fittings can be installed. This includes powerpoints, lights, and the different personalised features such as cabinets, tiles and wall plasters. 

The characteristics of the details installed in this building stage can be very basic or to a luxury level, depending on the construction package and inclusions negotiated with your home builder.

Stage 5: Inspection

This house construction stage consists of a walk-through with your home builder, where all the features and characteristics of the design should be reviewed and listed in order to repair or replace if needed.

It is very important to be observant during this inspection, as any change must be made before the Completion Inspection document is signed. In case you’re not happy with something, the home builder will work on it and they should take you to a second inspection.

Stage 6: Handover

Once you’re happy with the house construction result, you can sign the corresponding documents, make the final payment and prepare to start living in your new home.

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