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4 tips to find the best house plan and design.

October 27, 2022

4 tips to find the best house plan and design.

If you’re looking to build your dream home, you’re probably looking for home design inspiration, but how do you find the best house plans and designs?

Let’s start by saying that ‘the best’ is relative to your needs, lifestyle, location, type of block and budget. So where do you start?

We want to help you with this very important step in the process of building your dream home, so we created this easy guide to find the best house plan and design for you:

1. Know your priorities 

If you enjoy having your friends and family coming over, you might consider a priority having a spacious living area adjacent to the kitchen for a comfortable gathering. However, if you have a small lot and you work from home, your priority might be having a comfortable home office.

Listing your needs and priorities is going to help you selecting an adequate house plan.

2. Visit display homes

Taking the time to visit display homes will give you a better idea on the way some things look and you’ll know if you want to keep them in your house design. Also, you might find inspiration for some detail you didn’t consider before, like a sliding door to save some space.

Finding inspiration and taking notes on real projects can help you having real expectations.

3. Research styles and prices

You don’t need to be an architectural historian at the end of this process, but knowing the name of that facade style or the type of benchtop you like – and being able to request a quote or looking for their price online – will give you a better idea on your preferences and budget. 

An informed decision will help you choose considering your personal style and budget.

4. Find expert advice

Being on top of all the details, permissions and paperwork required to build, buy or rebuild a house can be exciting and overwhelming, but having a clear idea of what you need and you’re looking for backed with the knowledge of an expert can facilitate the entire process.

Letting an expert help you and taking suggestions can ease the tension of having so much to think about when building, buying or rebuilding your house. 

At P5 Homes we make sure you understand the building process, we give you a FREE design consultation and we let you dream big without paying much more.

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When you book your initial FREE consultation, you will meet with our specialised design team, who will assess your property and will answer all your questions, giving you personalised advice on the best home design and the possibilities at your disposition once you decide to make your dream house a reality.

At P5 Homes, we are committed to provide high-quality service and a wide range of design and customisation options to fit your lifestyle and budget.

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