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Privacy Policy

At P5 Homes we are committed to protecting your personal privacy.

We invite you to read our Privacy Policy, where we are outlining why and how we process and use your personal information.

Type of personal information we collect

The personal information collected by P5 Group Pty Ltd TAS P5 Homes includes your personal details, such as your name, address, date of birth, phone number and email address. In some cases, we might also collect your financial information, such as bank statements, finance approvals, financial arrangements etc.

However, we do not require you to provide information considered as “sensitive information” under the Privacy Act 1988, such as details about your ethnicity, religious beliefs or health condition. If we were to collect any sensitive information, we would obtain your consent prior collecting it and you would be informed immediately on the reason why we are requiring said information.

Methods we use to collect your personal information

In most cases, we collect personal information provided directly by you.

Our collection methods include, but are not limited to, personal details requested on registration forms at our P5 Homes offices and Display Homes; information provided by you to submit feedback, complains or require customer service and documentation related to tenders or quotations requested by you, as well as building contracts and agreements with us.

However, in some occasions we may collect this information from other organisations to whom you have given your personal information, as well as from public records.

Purpose of collecting your personal information

At P5 Homes, we only collect personal information about you or others, without which we would not be able to provide our products and services.

The purpose of collecting your personal information is to identify you, as a client or potential client; provide you with information, services, offers, benefits and promotions that might interest you; perform quality assurance and customer service processes requiring your opinion or feedback on our products and services; carry out the relevant debt collection and billing activities, as well as to comply with any disclosure we are required by law, in relation to government functions.

Any financial information collected will only be used to verify your financial capacity.

Security of your personal information

At P5 Homes, we make sure all the personal information we collect is stored in secure servers and we take the reasonable measures to protect all your information from misuse, unapproved changes or loss by restricting the access to your personal information only to members of our team who require it in order to perform their functions and by keeping secure procedures and physical security for the documentation and storage devices containing your information.

You acknowledge we are not responsible for the security of any personal information sent via the Internet as third parties could potentially access to it while being transferred to us and that any personal information provided via the Internet is not secured.

Disclosure of your personal information

As part of the identification, communication, billing and verification procedures explained above, we might disclose your personal information to third parties relevant for the provision of our products and services.

Said third parties include government organisations such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Australian Taxation Office; building authorities, engineers, material suppliers, subcontractors, utility service providers, legal practitioners, accountants, insurers and debt collectors; as well as organisations and individuals interested in acquiring our business, in part or in whole.

Your personal information will not be used and disclosed unless you have consented to it; the third party receiving your personal information is our contractor or service provider, who will be required to only use and disclose your personal information for the purpose it was initially provided to them; the third party is your banker, creditor or insurer; the disclosure of your personal information is authorised or required by law.

Use of your personal information for marketing purposes

In addition to the above mentioned uses and purposes of collecting your personal information, the personal information we have collected may be used for marketing purposes.

We may use your personal information to provide general information about us; our products and services, already existing or new, and other marketing campaigns we think may be of your interest.

Unless expressly authorised by you, we will not disclose your personal information to third parties so that it allows them to offer their products and services directly to you.

If you do not wish to receive or continue to receive information about us, our products, services and/or offers; you can request to be removed from our newsletters and marketing lists by clicking on the “unsubscribe” option at the end of our electronic messages or by contacting us.

Access to and modification of your personal information

You may request access to the personal information we hold about you, using the details below to contact us.

We may deny your request for access in cases where the access affects the privacy of others; your request is deemed frivolous or such access can be denied under law or by a law enforcement agency. If your request for access is denied, we will inform you the reason for denial.

We may charge an administrative fee for the costs incurred while processing your request for access.

We aim to ensure the personal information we hold about you is accurate and up-to-date. If you have any reason to believe said information is incomplete, outdated or inaccurate, you should let us know. We will make all reasonable efforts to correct and modify your personal information to maintain their quality.


Cookies are a small packet of information sent to your computer and stored in your web browser. We may use cookies to collect additional information, making the use of our website a more convenient and personalised experience by keeping track of your visits and activities within our website and retaining your login and location details, which allows us to maintain statistics and monitor the use of our website to improve the content and online services on our website.

We do not grant access to our cookies to any other businesses.

We do not use cookies to gain access to any user’s personal information nor to track any internet activity outside our website.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

From time to time, our Privacy Policy may be subject to revision and changes to ensure it is in line with our processes and policies. Any said changes to our Privacy Policy will be notified to you and the updated version of our Privacy Policy will be made available on our website.


If at any time you consider your personal information has not be held or dealt with in accordance with this Privacy Policy and/or the Australian Privacy Principles, please contact us in order to log your complaint or concerns, discuss the issue with our privacy officer and, if appropriate, put in place an action plan to remedy the situation to your satisfaction.

Contact us

If you require more information or you have any concerns about our handling practices with regards to your personal information, please contact us at:

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